Mark Electronics works closely with a select number of partners, serving as an extension of their business at the Defense Logistic Agencies. These close relationships allow MEI’s partners to focus on other areas of growth while MEI ensures their military spares business runs smoothly and efficiently.


For 25 years, MEI has been supporting Ducommun at DLAs, direct government facilities and military contractors, streamlining their ability to meet the demand for spares of human machine interface products.

Some key products that MEI distributes for Ducommun include:

Standard Calibrations Inc.

MEI has worked closely with Standard Calibrations Inc. in supporting their needs in servicing DLA facilities throughout the country. By having MEI lead much of their military spares business, Standard Calibrations can dedicate resources to continuing to grow their outstanding technical and material support for a range of control systems.

Some key products that MEI distributes for SCI include:

Graywacke Products

Graywacke has partnered with Mark Electronics to handle all of it's military spares business, leveraging the company's expertise and experience. MEI handles all the bids, documentation, inspections and logistics required to support their government business, allowing Graywacke to dedicate resources to new product development and product support.

Some key products that MEI distributes for Graywacke include: