Government agencies require specific packaging for all orders processed through DLAs and direct facilities. The regulations supporting these requirements have evolved over the past few decades, integrating technologies such as RFID.

  • Government Packaging
    • In-house Specialists
    • Continuous Training
    • Regular Audits
  • MIL-STD 2073D
    • Internal Packaging
  • MIL-STD 129 - Change 3
    • External Markings
    • Include RFID


Every step along the way of fulfilling a government spares order requires specific documentation much of which is different than what manufacturers have to support for their OEM customers. MEI’s familiarity with these requirements ensure that orders are fulfilled to spec and invoices are processed on time.

  • Certified MIL-I-45208A
    • Detailed Documentation
    • Incoming Inspection Report
    • Partner c of c
    • Group A Test Report
    • Packaging Worksheet
    • Final Inspection Report


MEI works closely with government auditors to ensure incoming and outgoing shipments are inspected per each specific contract’s requirements.

  • In-House QAR for quick turns on Source Inspection
  • 100% in accordance with Customer Order Procedures
    • Incoming and Outgoing
    • ESD
    • Part Number, Count, Dimensions
  • Corrective Action Reporting

Automated Bidding Process

MEI is fully integrated with DLA automated bidding facilities to ensure the following support for its partners:

  • Quick turn around on quotes
  • Daily bidding support
  • Vendor Shipment Module compliance
  • Efficient invoicing and payment procedures